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Drive Time – Our Dynamic Weekday Magazine Programme
On Air / Feb 14th, 2024 9:39 am     A+ | a-

Every weekday afternoon for more than five years, Clive Mellor and the team have presented three hours of local and relevant information alongside Seahaven FM’s great mix of hit music from across eight decades.

“Being both entertaining and informing,” says Clive, “is a balancing trick. So is catering both for a listener who switches on just for their short journey home and for another who may have their radio on all day.”

Seahaven FM focuses on our part of East Sussex in a way that no other radio station does. Local information includes East Sussex headlines, weather, regular traffic reporting and events. The station ensures regular national input in the form of headlines each hour, along with sports, entertainment and business reports.

“It’s a team effort,” explains Clive. “Each week there are local features: book reviews come from local independent bookshops, a village library and the county council libraries department; garden advice comes from an expert at one of our local garden centres and members of a local allotment society; energy advice comes from an expert at citizens advice; and two members of the HMRC ‘radio team’ provide tax advice.”

Seahaven FM has its own What’s On web pages. Local organisations can submit details of their own events online at: https://www.seahavenfm.radio/whats-on/whats-on-now/. A local writer/performer provides weekly recommendations on what to see and reviews of current productions.

Clive adds: “Some traffic issues and local information just arise during the programme. Sussex Traffic Watch supports our travel reporting – and drivers call the studio on 01323 888111 to let us know what they’ve just seen! There’s always something that you don’t expect. Sometimes it will be an announcement from a council or the local NHS. Other times it’s something amusing, an anniversary or a sudden deadline. I really don’t know how we also fit in two light-hearted quizzes and a second go at the daily mystery tune – but we do!”

Seahaven FM Drivetime is on weekdays from 4pm to 7pm. Further information on the programme and the team can be found at: https://www.seahavenfm.radio/clive-mellor/weekday-drive-time/.

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